Oversea User Agreement
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User Agreement

●EMS for shipping >> EMS Rates

●Depending on the type and amount of goods, packinging material used will also be different
 so it is hardly for us to estimate the price exactly for 100 percent.
 (overcharge will not be return and lesscharge will not be request)

●Joining Swallow Sports Members will be able to gain 1% Points for every purchase
 And by entering the Member, 300points will be presented

 If the tariff occur,customer will need to do the payment

●Personal information(name, address,phone number)
 please be sure the Personal information is correct for the Shipping
 ※We can't accept liability for the lost package due to the wrong address.

 In order to ensure that goods was able to deliver tocustomers
 we also do not ship to the Hotel in Japan

●No Returned or Exchange after the Purchase

※When the items returned by the address mistake of the visitor,
we will request the shipping cost again if you need re-delivery.

we will improve the oversea delivery and the English pages
for better service. Thank you

Your sincerely
Swallow Sports

Order Agreement

[ About payment ]
Advance payment ( shipping will be after the confirmation of payment )

· Estimate is free , please feel free to Mail us.
· (change or cancel after the payment was not allow)
· Swallowsports Members point was not able to use at custom order.
[ About delivery ]
- Depending on the manufacturer and circumstances congestion ,
 It might be later than the expected delivery date.
- When there is a delivery time of your choice , please add it to your opinion demand column .
 we will correspond as much as possible , but it is not guaranteed .
- Holidays , such as New Year or Xmax,
 Please grace around one week plus on the appointed date of delivery .

- Depending on the size and type of uniform , if there is no stock in the maker ,
 1-2 weeks Normal delivery delays(One month or more in the slow case ) .

[ About amount and price ]
- If there is a big mistake in the sales price, we may contact you to correct the sales price.
- Please beware that the price will be different with additional option
 and there may be some mistake in the custom orderpage

[ Specifications ]
• Changes can be made before the payment. Just be sure that the final contents is correct.
· There is a specification that was filled in rare is captured in another way .
 We will do our best to check the contents, but there is no 100% guarantee that no problem will occur
 It will give priority to the judgment of the factory in which case ,returned goods , exchange , cancellation is not available.
 And specifications with no choice without any special instructions will leave the factory.
• For items that can not be selected on the homepage,was not available.
· An additional order of shirt , pants , and cap that has become a Discontinued rarely, We will propose the near products .
 ( The details of the specification change , we will contact as fast as possible)
•For Glove, even having the same cutting saize of the leather , the finishing may be different in some case.

[ About leather and color ]
- The real thing may be different from the PC display.
• Even if you have the designation of the same color of the embroidery thread , mark areas , leather , cloth , etc.
It may be different from the actual color .
- For Gold and Silverthread, it may be darken due to Oxidation .
Therefore , we recommend a light silver and light gold thread .( it maybe not able to choose light silver/gold for some Maker )
• Even if selected in the same color Leather ( including Lip Welting .etc) with the body color ,
It may be Slightly different for finishing.
·Hardness , stiffness and thickness of leather was not always constant .
• If you have selected the multicolor for a custom Glove,
spot may remain easily with the Hot water Break-in.
[ Change , cancel , exchange ]
- No returned , exchange or cancel after the Payment.
[ Production mistake ]
- When mistakes are being found before shipping, Re make will be ececuted.
(It will take same time for a Remake)

[ About the simulation images and image ]
· I do not have our color simulation.
[ About confirmation ]
•With the finishing of the payment,
we will assume that you consent to this confirmation with your order and this aggrement.

Chief administrator
Swallow Sports Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Masahiro Yano